Trump signs Donnelly/Young bill for law enforcement mental health

(Photo supplied/Senator Joe Donnelly)

A bipartisan bill by both of Indiana’s Senators that benefits law enforcement was signed by the president on Wednesday.


The Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act was introduced by Senators Joe Donnelly and Todd Young in the Senate in early April. A month later, it passed unanimously.

In November a companion bill passed the House and cleared the Senate last month. All of this led to the president’s desk on Wednesday, and he signed it into law.

“Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to serve and protect our communities, and it’s important we ensure they have access to mental health services,” Donnelly said after the bill’s signing. “I’m proud President Trump has signed our bipartisan legislation into law because it will provide tools for law enforcement agencies to help support the mental health and wellness of these brave men and women.”

“Our law enforcement officers put their lives at risk every day in order to keep us safe, and they can face significant stress and trauma,” Young added. “The President signing our bipartisan bill into law means that these brave men and women will have greater access to mental health services when they need them.”


The Act also authorizes grants for pilot programs, develops resources for mental health providers, and more.



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