Senate candidate Todd Rokita greeting South Bend residents Saturday morning

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Mota)

Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Todd Rokita is visiting South Bend this Saturday.

He’s hosting a meet and greet at Therm-O-Lite LLC, located at 3502 West Sample Street, starting at 9 a.m.

From there, Rokita will travel to Miami County to have a meet and greet at the county’s Republican Headquarters in Peru at 2:45 p.m.

Rokita is one of the GOP candidates running to replace Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly this year in what’s already been a heated race.


  1. I think many Hoosiers with a good since of morals will reject Todd Rokita and his consistent racist comments and actions. He has certainly spent a significant amount of effort in stirring up bigotry and xenophobia in his comments and actions for election attention while continuing to undermine his constituents access to healthcare.

  2. I guess thanks for that endorsement SJW.

    I’m pretty sure that you just stated most of the issues people are tired of in this nation.

  3. I think that Todd Rokita with trying not to go up against a racist & bigot in a sheep dip coat as a Democrat would help is constituents in the State of Indiana. All his opponent is a Washington Democrat, that is how he votes in with his group. But that is how the Democrats generally act say “I” am middle of road & follow Washington for their money with their vote. Oh & shut down government.


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