South Bend to install cameras, clean more often at popular homeless viaduct

("Homeless" by Daniel Garcia Perls, CC BY-ND 2.0)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — The city of South Bend plans to install cameras beneath a downtown viaduct that’s a popular campsite for the homeless.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg says the city can’t legally prevent homeless people from camping under the city’s Main Street viaduct.

But he says to keep the northern Indiana city safe, internet-enabled cameras will be installed beneath the structure to monitor drug dealing and other illegal activity.

Crews will also more frequently clean underneath the viaduct, giving the homeless 48 hours’ notice.

The South Bend Tribune reports Buttigieg says the best way to prevent the homeless encampments is offering housing alternatives for the chronically homeless.

The city and a local ministry are searching for a site for a planned “gateway center” to temporarily house people awaiting permanent housing.


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