Transpo officials detail why former CEO was fired in December

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

We now know more about why the former CEO of Transpo was unceremoniously fired at the end of December.

Transpo officials Friday said that David Cangany ran a “toxic” work environment, threatened staff with termination if they ratted him out to the board of directors, and used public funds for personal expenses and travel.

In fact, the South Bend Tribune reports Transpo officials said at a press conference that Cangany was so paranoid, he threatened to remove office doors so no one could talk about him behind his back.

Transpo officials are demanding Cangany repay $3,500 in improper expenses and are threatening legal action if he doesn’t.

A search for his permanent replacement continues.

Cangany was fired during an impromptu board meeting on Dec. 27. There initially was no explanation why he was fired.


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