Second baby dropped off at Safe Haven Baby Box in LaPorte County

(Photo supplied/LaPorte County Sheriff's Office)

For the second time in five months, a baby was dropped off in the Safe Haven Baby Box near Michigan City.

The Coolspring Township Fire Department in LaPorte County responded to an alert for the baby box around 7 p.m. Sunday.

They gave no details about the health or the sex of the child, but said that the infant was delivered to Franciscan St. Anthony Health.

It’s also only the second baby ever dropped off at the box, the first being a newborn girl left there last November who was also the first in the entire country.


  1. I can’t even get rid of my leaves from last fall but people can get rid of a baby by simply putting it in a box? If a dog was put in a box somewhere to get rid of it we all know the person that did it would be hunted until found, then prosecuted publically, then would receive the MAXIMUM sentence allowed..Anyone else believe the end is near?


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