Indiana Democrats seeking end to their legislative futility


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Democrats say a jump in new candidates on the May 8 primary ballot is a sign that they could cut into large Republican state legislative majorities that have left them largely powerless over the past six years.

Republican voters, meanwhile, will decide numerous contested races among the 25 state Senate and 100 House seats up for election this year.

Among candidates for open seats are Republicans Matt Hostettler, who is the son of former U.S. Rep. John Hostettler, and Christy Stutzman, the wife of former U.S. Rep. Marlin Stutzman.

Democrats already have more candidates for legislative seats than they did for the last midterm election in 2014. Democrats say they’ve seen growing interest from millennials and women in running for offices since President Donald Trump’s 2016 election.


  1. Good luck with that democRats. I’m not seeing a huge shift to the party of Welfare, Taxes, Abortion, Weak Defense, Open Borders, and confused bathroom policies…take a pick of your failed or abhorrent policies. You have become the enemy domestic.


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