Ex-husband breaks into Kosciusko County animal shelter to steal his dog back

(Photo supplied/Animal Welfare League)

The Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County had a break-in Tuedsay night.

Executive Director Darla McCammon tells News Now Warsaw a woman had turned in a dog shortly before their closing time.

It seems that dog belonged to the woman’s ex-husband, who then allegedly pried the back door open around 8:30 p.m. to get in and get the animal.

The man got away with the dog, but the AWL does plan to file charges.


  1. AWL SHOULD NOT CHARGE HIM. THE XWIFE should pay because she gave away his dog. If he would have waited he probably would not get his dog back. I was at a animal shelter they did not give the lady back her dog. Said they did not have her dog. She called police and shelter called humane society to take dog. Do not know end results. People about a banded animals mistreat them. He did the right thing. See why she is a X. GOOD GUY DO NOT LET HER NEAR YOUR BABY. GOOD LUCK


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