Indiana University students raise money for “kind” convenience store clerk

(Photo supplied/IU students)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Indiana University students have raised thousands of dollars for a convenience store cashier whose daughter in Venezuela has internal bleeding and needs surgery she cannot afford.

Oscar Arreaza is a cashier at a convenience store inside the university’s McNutt Residence Hall. The Indianapolis Star reports that the 67-year-old began using a shoebox to collect donations to help pay for his daughter’s medical expenses.

Freshman Becca Richter heard about the situation and decided to help with fundraising efforts. She began by contacting her Pi Beta Phi sorority and the message quickly spread.

Richter was able to raise more than $8,000 during the first day of fundraising through Venmo, a mobile payment service. Donations will continue at GoFundMe.

Richter says the donations keep coming in because of Arreaza’s kindness.


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