Luke Messer wants President Donald Trump to be awarded Nobel Peace Prize

("Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9/11 victims" by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CC BY 2.0)

WASHINGTON (AP) — A group of House Republicans is seeking the Nobel Peace Prize for President Donald Trump because of his work to ease nuclear tensions with North Korea.

A historic meeting between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un over denuclearization could be announced by week’s end.

Indiana Rep. Luke Messer unveiled a letter Wednesday to members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee that was signed by 18 Republicans.

The letter says that North Korea has evaded demands from the international community to cease its aggressions but that Trump’s “peace through strength policies are working” and bringing North Korea to the negotiating table.

Messer is running for the U.S. Senate in Indiana, where support for Trump has become a litmus test for Republican voters.

Several other Republicans on the letter are also running for governor or senator.


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