South Bend Councilman Dr. David Varner announces his retirement


It’s the end of an era, as after more than two decades serving his constituents, South Bend Common Councilman Dr. David Varner announced his retirement at the end of the meeting on Monday, May 14.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg issued a statement, saying Dr. Varner served the city with great honesty, knowledge and discernment and though he will be missed on the council, he was earned an enjoyable retirement.

The council precinct committee will vote for his replacement.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s full statement:

Dr. Varner has served our city with great honesty, knowledge, and discernment. Sometimes we have agreed and sometimes we have not, but at all times I have admired the depth of his expertise and the integrity of his reasoning. Though he will be missed on the Council, he has earned an enjoyable retirement and the City is in his debt.




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