Dog shot by Investigator serving subpoena at home in South Bend


An investigator with the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office shot a dog while trying to serve a subpoena.

It happened on Friday, May 18, at a home in the 600 block of Sancome Street in South Bend.

According to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office, the investigator knocked on the door of the home and, when nobody answered, left the subpoena attached to the door handle. The investigator stepped off the porch to return to his vehicle when the
front door was opened by a young girl.

As the child opened the door, two large dogs that appeared to be pit bulls ran out of the door. At that time, one of the dogs started running at the investigator in an aggressive posture.

The investigator began to ran, but was blocked by some brush. He then discharged his  weapon and shot one of the advancing dogs in the head.

The dog was deceased at the scene. The second dog took off.

The investigator called 9-1-1 and the South Bend Police Department responded to the scene. South Bend Animal Care and Control also arrived and stated that the dog bit a child the day before and bit another child in April of this year.

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the shooting.


  1. OK what are South Bends Ordinances on vicious dogs how many bites does it take to file child endangerment charges

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