Name, mascot, colors for combined Elkhart high school unveiled

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Community Schools)

The Elkhart School Board has revealed the name, mascot and colors of the new high school when Elkhart Central High School and Elkhart Memorial High School merge at the start of the 2021 school year.

The school will be named Elkhart High School. The mascot is the Lions. The school’s colors will be royal blue and gold.

The choices were voted on, in May, by students.

The original suggestion was to name the mascot the Mangy Lion, but the choice was made not to include Mangy in the title.


  1. Via Elkhart contacts, Mandis heard that once again, there will only be 1 Elkhart HS. FTR, Elkhart never had to build Memorial HS. The school board – other decision makers, spent millions for a school that was never needed. Could have easily solved any issues regarding overcrowding by implementing flex scheduling back in the late 60s – early 70s.

    Now, that Elkhart wants to go back to a single HS….HELLO…How do you spell “EPIC FAIL”.

    AND also FTR…the mascot – name for the one Elkhart HS, should be Mr B. – BLUE BLAZERS. THERE SHOULD BE NO DEBATE – VOTE! Respect Elkhart High history, and keep Mr. B and BLUE BLAZERS!

    In closing, YO…school board – decision makers…get your head out of the sand, and don’t muck things up again. It’s ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL, no other name, and keep Mr. B and BLUE BLAZERS.

  2. I’m sorry but that’s not fair to the kids that went to Elkhart Memorial High School. I have four children that graduated from Memorial. A Very GOOD school. YOU act like there was no other school. I’m a graduate of the old Elkhart High School. I think they need to give both schools credit for a job well done when it came to teaching our kids.Thats what they all went to school for. MEMORIAL IS A GOOD SCHOOL!! Let’s all pray when we go to one school, we can put the good things from MEMORIAL and CENTRAL to real good times for all the students. It’s only my opinion!!!


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