Whole Woman’s Health Alliance part of lawsuit against Indiana abortion laws


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A new federal lawsuit by health care and abortion providers is challenging the constitutionality of Indiana’s abortion laws.

The suit filed Thursday by organizations including the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance says the state’s laws restrict a woman’s access to abortions and single out providers. It says the laws have “severely limited” access to abortions.

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance wants to start a non-surgical abortion clinic in South Bend, but was denied a license.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office defends the state’s laws against legal challenges. The Associated Press sent an email seeking comment Friday morning.

It’s the latest attempt to challenge Indiana’s abortion laws. A federal judge already is weighing whether to block a new Indiana law set to take effect July 1 about reporting complications arising from abortions.


  1. Because slaughter of the innocent is a human right…right? Because if inconvenient is the threshold for ending life I’ve got some work to do.


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