Elkhart Police offer fireworks safety tips

("IMG_8659" by Thomas Xu, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Elkhart Police Department is among the first local police departments to remind residents of some basic fireworks safety.

The department says residents who decide to have their own display should remember the following:

*Make sure the fireworks you are using are legal in your area.
*Make sure there is a bucket of water and or fire extinguisher nearby.
*Make sure to wear proper clothing, not too loose.
*Never use fireworks inside or near dry areas of grass, brush or leaves.
*If the firework fails to go off allow it to sit, put it out with water and dispose of it. Do not look directly down at the firework.
*If injury occurs seek immediate medical attention.

The department suggests it is best to leave fireworks displays to the professionals and attend a public fireworks display.

The City of Elkhart’s display will be held on Tuesday July 3rd, 2018 (with a rain date of Wednesday July 4, 2018) at its new location in Downtown Elkhart (not at Rice Field) with events starting at 7 p.m.


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