Report: President Trump has interviewed Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS post

(Photo supplied/Notre Dame Law School press release)

President Donald Trump has interviewed a South Bend woman as he tries to choose who will be the next Supreme Court justice.

Federal officials close to the process say Amy Coney Barrett was one of the four prospective Supreme Court justices interviewed Monday.

Barrett was appointed by Trump in 2017 to fill a judicial opening in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Before then, she served as a law professor at Notre Dame and still calls Indiana home.

CNN even went as far as to suggest Barrett would be an “ideal” pick for Trump, as she’s a woman, a mother of seven, in her mid-40s, a person of faith, and “reliably” a social conservative.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump will interview “two or three more” this week and then make a decision.

The Associated Press contributed to this story


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