Goshen City Council passes ordinance banning e-cigarettes


The Goshen City Council has passed an ordinance banning e-cigarettes or vaping, with a few exceptions.

Tuesday night’s action makes exceptions for bars, vape shops and fraternal clubs after a 4 to 3 vote, according to WSBT.

Also – benches outside of businesses will not count in the outdoor 8-foot smoke-free barrier, WSBT.

The Council says they are still working toward a 100 percent smoke-free community. They shot down the idea of a 15-foot smoke free barrier around transportation stops.


  1. Vaping is the same as smoking???? There is no smoke! How in the world did we get so stupid? That is like banning drinking water while driving because it is the same as drinking alcohol while driving. Do these people get paid to make these ridiculous ordinances? Absolute insanity!!!! Did anyone even bother to look at the research from many top medical companies? obviously not. A car passing by omits deadly fumes. There is no debate on that. Why doesn’t Goshen ban all cars? Idiots! Absolute idiots!


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