Man charged with possessing ATM skimming device in Warsaw


A man identified as Tirlea Dumitru, was charged by criminal complaint with defrauding a financial institution and possessing access device making equipment, according to federal prosecutors.

On, or around Nov. 28-30, Dumitru attempted to execute a scheme to defraud a federally insured financial institution, federal prosecutors said.

Law enforcement had been investigating several reports of skimming devices being placed on bank ATMS as well as gas station credit card readers at gas pumps.

In this case, a bank in Warsaw reported a device on their ATM on November 28, 2018. Law enforcement conducted surveillance on the affected ATM.

On Nov. 30, Dumitru pulled up on the ATM and not having enough time to complete a transaction drove off.

Law enforcement followed, conducted a traffic stop and arrested him.

Dumitru, was identified based on ATM surveillance video, as the individual who placed the device on the ATM on Nov. 28, federal prosecutors said.


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