New no-charge choices coming for Elkhart recycling customers


Residents of Elkhart will have new choices for the city’s recycling program in the new year.

Anybody in the program interested in getting a larger receptacle will be able to get a 48-or-96-gallon recycling bin at no charge.

It’s part of a new seven-year contract between the city and Borden Waste-Away, who will offer the option to anyone eligible to participate in the curbside program.

It’s a step up from the current 18-gallon totes that lacked a lid and often overflow into the street.

Anybody who already has a bigger bin will see the charge for it dropped after January 1.

The City of Elkhart released the following information about the receptacles:

A newly approved seven-year contract with Borden Waste-Away will offer this option to every resident that is able to participate in curbside recycling. Elkhart residents who already have a 48 or 96-gallon bin, can expect to see that charge dropped from their bill beginning January 1.

The previous contract only allowed for 18-gallon green recycling totes. These totes do not have lids and are often seen overflowing on the street edges. The option to use a larger bin, with wheels, will not only keep the ground cleaner but will also speed up the collection process, creating less air pollution and a reduced carbon footprint. Residents who wish to upgrade to a new, larger bin can do so by contacting Borden directly at 574-293-5001. Any resident wishing to continue usage of the 18-gallon tote may do so.

The City of Elkhart recycling program includes glass, metal, cardboard, paper, and plastics #1-7. Plastic bags, such as grocery bags or Ziploc bags, cannot be recycled, however, plastic grocery bags can be returned to the store for reuse. For a complete list of acceptable items, visit

In addition to having a larger bin, residents can also bring their electronics and Styrofoam quarterly to Recycling Works, located at 605 Mason St. in Elkhart. These free drop-off dates for 2019 will occur on March 25, June 27, September 26, and December 19. Household Hazardous Waste drop-off days will also continue at the Elkhart County Correctional Facility from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the first Saturday of each month.

To learn more about recycling, contact the Elkhart Environmental Center at 574-293-5070. For questions or concerns specific to the new Borden contract, contact Public Works and Utilities at 574-293-2572.


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