Mayor Pete Buttigieig’s book close to becoming a “best-seller”


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg might have a best-seller on his hands.

His publisher says they believe the book, “The Shortest Way Home,” has a chance of making the New York Times Best Seller List.

Buttigieg, who is still exploring a presidential run, has been on a book tour that has taken him to several national talk shows in the past month.


  1. Kate what is in the news that is negative? And no it’s not nice to see mayor Pete in the news for this. He has no chance what so ever. I’m assuming your a lefty maybe not but there is nothing positive about Pete and his policies and views. I’m sorry but its actually the opposite. The fact that he supports the green new deal is the only thing you need to say about the guy. Socialist in disguise. No “politics not aside” when your talking about politics lol.

  2. B: Your comment is completely off-topic.
    Your bias and politics have nothing to do with a well-written book. Sounds like a trolling to me.


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