Son of Eric Logan shot in leg in South Bend


There is updated information about a shooting that happened this past weekend in South Bend, as it turns out a 19-year-old who received a bullet wound to the leg is the son of Eric Logan, who died in an officer-involved shooting on June 16.

The South Bend Tribune reports Eric Logan Jr. has been released from the hospital.

He told police he didn’t know who shot him. The shooting happened around 3 a.m. on  Saturday, July 6, near Lincoln Way West and Lawndale Avenue.


  1. Not saying this young man didn’t have a good reason for being out at 3 am or that he doesn’t have a right to be out and about at 3 am, but… When you really look into the statistics of who is shooting people and who is being shot, you can start to see the “Stupid Factors” come into play. Stupid people doing Stupid things with other Stupid people at Stupid times in Stupid places. Three AM is a “Stupid” time when not many good things tend to happen. Don’t get me wrong. I was 19 a long time ago and I know that 19 and Stupid are close friends, however it seems the costs of hanging around with Stupid appear to be climbing. Glad the kid’s not dead. Hope he learned something.

  2. Sounds like a really stand up family! Dad shot by the cops ,son shot by his Hoodrat counterparts. Like father like son. But I’m sure just like his Dad he has a great excuse its the white man to blame!


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