2 Indiana online schools in enrollment dispute shutting down


DALEVILLE, Ind. (AP) — A lawyer for two Indiana online charter schools accused of inflating their enrollments says they have essentially shut down and need money to help students transfer.

Attorney Mary Jane Lapointe says the leaders and nearly 40 teachers of Indiana Virtual School and Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy may have received their final paychecks last week.

State officials are seeking to recover $40 million after an audit found more than half of the schools’ some 7,000 students weren’t active for much of 2017.

Both schools are authorized under state law by the Daleville School Board. Lapointe asked the Daleville board Monday for up to $50,000 a month so students can obtain transcripts.

Lapointe maintained the schools didn’t inflate enrollment figures. Daleville Superintendent Paul Garrison says Lapointe didn’t offer any understandable explanation.


  1. So, after lying to get more money for students they didn’t have they now need more money to transfer the students they did have…SMH…scammers gonna scam.


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