Heavy erosion along the lake in St. Joseph

Debris on the St. Joseph Lighthouse North Pier, November 30 2019. (photo/Tommie Lee)

The effects of recent erosion on the Lake Michigan shoreline in St. Joseph have resulted in smaller beaches and damage to popular paths.

Erosion at Silver Beach, November 30 2019. (photo/Tommie Lee)
A well-traveled sidewalk linking Silver Beach to the pier is unsafe after heavy winds and erosion. November 30, 2019. (photo/Linda Closson)

After the recent winds, the water reaches farther inland at Tiscornia Park and Silver Beach.

A bench is surrounded by sand that’s been shifted around by recent heavy weather at Silver Beach Park, November 30 2019. (photo/Kim Closson)

Lions Park Beach, near the water treatment plant, is now exposed rock and breakwater structures, with damaged concrete near playground equipment.

Damage at Lions Park, St. Joseph, November 30 2019. (photo/Kim Closson)
The breakwater construction at Lions Park Beach has been exposed by erosion near the water treatment plant in St. Joseph, MI, November 30 2019. (photo/Tommie Lee)

At the lighthouse pier on Thanksgiving weekend, debris from a deck that had been carried out to see somewhere up-shore blocked part of the path out to the lighthouse.

Debris on the St. Joseph Lighthouse North Pier, November 30 2019. (photo/Tommie Lee)

The visible sandbar in the lake reaches well out into the water, and part of a street near Glenlord Beach has dropped off the cliff.

The right side of Dune Path has collapsed, south of Glenlord Beach Park in St. Joseph, November 30 2019. (photo/Tommie Lee)


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