Michigan lawmaker apologizes for comments to female reporter

FILE- In a Dec. 12, 2012 file photo, the state capitol building is seen in Lansing, Mich. Braced for a new era of divided government, lame-duck Republicans who have long controlled two upper Midwest states are priming last-ditch laws to advance their conservative agenda or to weaken the influence of Democratic governors-elect. The moves, which may spark lawsuits if they come to pass, would follow midterm elections in which Democrats swept statewide offices in Michigan and Wisconsin for the first time in decades but fell short of taking over gerrymandered legislatures(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, FILE)


  1. Sounds like he has experience with being stupid and not thinking before making comments to a reporter… that would be my definition of stupid.

  2. I have know Peter luicido most of my life . He is not a womanizer nor a sexual abuser. This comment has to be taken out of context. Not only is he a great family man but a hell of an individual. Everyone now a days taken things out of context. Look at how his been his whole life instead of one incident taking wrong. He has helped this generation and many before.


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