Elkhart Hotel project will require more money

(Ben Quiggle/Elkhart Truth)

Unforeseen issues have increased the price tag for improvements near Hotel Elkhart.

Another $360,000 will be needed to upgrade a parking lot and the streets around the hotel.

The Elkhart Truth reports that the Redevelopment Corporation originally set aside $700,000 for the project that would improve the Jauriet public parking lot and parts of Marion, Hug and Main Streets. It would include a realignment of Marion

As the work began, however, several issues were found including water, sewer, and electrical ducts.

The Finance Committee is still working on the details of the new funding.


  1. not surprising with the water, sewage and electrical. Most have not been updated for years.. yet they spend money on the Aquatic center and Tolson Center and Central Park, when there are major issues with the old facilities.
    The area i live in still has the original sewer pipes from 1915 and i am guessing down town is even worse, Yet “improvements” that will over flow the sewage and water continue without updates. As a taxpayer of this city i am angry and confused.
    Guess the Mayor old ones and new and city council have their heads in the sand..


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