Future of Elkhart County Courthouses still a question mark

(Photo supplied/The Elkhart Truth)

The Elkhart County Courthouse is still wrestling with security and safety issues, and a study is underway to improve that.

The study wants to streamline the county courts system by combining the court buildings in Goshen in Elkhart into one new facility. According to WSBT, Mayor Jeremy Stutsman of Goshen isn’t in favor of that and would prefer to keep the two courthouses.

The Indiana Supreme Court says the buildings don’t meet current standards. Elkhart’s court building requires $100,000 in maintenance each year, and Mayor Rod Roberson is concerned about what impact it’s closure would have on the city.

There is still a question of what would happen to the two buildings if a new one was built.



  1. That is another ridiculous waste of taxpayers money / those buildings are fine just as they are 100000 in maintenance is nothing compared to millions to build new one that will also need maintenance


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