Mishawaka woman angry at boyfriend allegedly attempted to set fire to his truck

Photo by Tommie Lee, 953 MNC.

A jilted Mishawaka woman is facing attempted arson charges for trying to set her boyfriends truck on fire. The attempted arson happened on Saturday April 4th, after police say Rachel Goodling and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument earlier in the day.

After the lovers’ quarrel the boyfriend went to his father’s house where, out of the front yard they saw a flash and discovered several items on fire in the back of his truck. ABC 57 News reports the fire caused minimal damage and was put out by the victim on scene.

At Goodling’s home investigators found a vehicle that matched the description of one the father saw, noticed she was wearing the clothes he had described, and found a gasoline can inside her vehicle. She told police she had been home all day.

Read the full story HERE with ABC 57 News


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