Protest planned for Indiana Governor’s Mansion on Saturday

("gov_11" by Governor Eric Holcomb, Public Domain)

Within days of a similar effort in Michigan’s capitol, a conservative group is planning a rally for Saturday at the Governor’s Mansion in Indianapolis.

The members of the group claim that Indiana’s stay-at-home order is excessive, and on their Facebook page they say they will protest outside of Governor Holcomb’s home at 3 p.m.

The group says the protest is their effort to defend their liberties and freedom, and that Hoosiers are capable of taking precautions against COVID-19 without a government mandate.

The Facebook page says the rally is a “nonpartisan grassroots movement” that doesn’t seek to blame either party.


  1. I hope they do go out and protest and then get blown up in one massive explosion, thereby making the world safer for the rest of us from these idiots.

    • Only idiots make terrorist threats first of as ll.
      Second, your desire to be safe at the cost of other human life sounds much like what we are protesting about. Your complete lack of self control shows everyone exactly what you are.

    • I hope you don’t have one of those “hate has no home here” signs in your yard.
      You would need to take that down.

  2. Dear Hate Idiots:
    You have a right to your opinion as I have a right to mine. I see our rights gradually eroding and they have been since Pres Bush signed the so called Patriot Act.

    The Governor is an elected official who serves the public, not a “King” who can cancel the Bill of Rights as he pleases.” I am simply urging him to add constitutional protections for religious freedom in all future executive orders related to COVID-19. And now, I demand that that he adjust any current executive orders to protect the rights of Hoosiers enshrined in our US Constitutional Bill of Rights.

    On Thursday of last week, the Governor launched an attack on the celebration of Easter. His announcement was timed too close to Easter to allow for a legal challenge through normal channels. This was not an accident—it was a common political technique. He demanded churches close their doors to ALL congregants, (even less than 10), even banning open-air tents outside. He required an empty parking space between every car parked at church. Meanwhile, there are no parking requirements if I go to Home Depot to pick out non-essential paint or house decorations.

    Both the Bill of Rights and U.S. Supreme Court have spoken against restricting religious freedom and expression. When absolutely necessary, churches can be held to the same standards as secular businesses but never to a higher standard. Plain and simple, this is discrimination against religious activities. The state cannot tell churches they cannot hold a parking lot service while allowing the parking lots of liquor stores and Home Depot to overflow.

    Its easy to dismiss those of us trying to protect our rights. Those like Indiana’s Gov Holcomb are intelligent and making it easy to ignore what is happening. I guess I’d like to know people are willing to let things go next time there is an emergency and you can bet there will be one.

    “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” –Benjamin Franklin

    May God protect you and yours and keep this country safe.
    A.W. Bowman

  3. You know what they say about karma. In the end they will get there’s. I am a Democrat but I like Holcomb and I will vote to have him for another 4 years. I think he has done a wonderful job leading us in this pandemic. Now Trump on the other hand is a loser. If they want protest then they need to go to DC and protest him.

  4. What is wrong with trump supporters? They are out to get us killed, just like trump. He was so proud of the Michigan protests. He knows his stupid, stupid sheep will follow, because they have no brain to think how this could all turn out.

  5. Only idiots make terrorist threats first of all.
    Second, your desire to be safe at the cost of other human life sounds much like what we are protesting about. Your complete lack of self control shows everyone exactly what you are.

  6. Typical Dem “Trump’s a loser” 😄 that is so well thought out! I wonder how many other insightful and deep thoughts are rolling around in that head just waiting to randomly pop out and dribble from those golden lips! Enlighten us Darla what has he done to be such a terrible loser?


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