Late spring snow helps police arrest burglar

("Snowflake" by Andrew Magill, CC BY 2.0)

While it got the ire of most of us, the snow this past weekend proved to be a blessing in disguise for a Michigan City woman. It was just after midnight Saturday that police were called to a home on Oak Street where a 67 year old woman said found a stranger standing inside near her kitchen. That woman managed to push the stranger out of her home and immediately called police.

While inside the stranger did steal a laptop. Police managed to track the suspect 30 year old Ryan Wisniewski Jr. to an area nearby where he was hiding.

As far as the laptop goes, police say they were able to track Wisnieski’s tracks through the snow and found it in a garbage can. Wisnieski is facing charges of burglary, residential entry, and disobeying a declaration of disaster emergency.


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