Mishawaka Police break up hundreds of cruisers on W. McKinley Avenue

("Police car lights" by Scott Davidson, Attribution 2.0 Generic)

Complaints about cruising and traffic back-ups resulted in Mishawaka Police being called to the W. McKinley Avenue between Grape Road and Hickory Road late Friday night, April 24.

Officers arrived on scene to find heavy traffic congestion and 100s of cars in the parking lots.

Due to the large number of vehicles, responding officers waited for more officers to arrive on scene, called for barricades to be delivered and then cleared the parking lots and barricaded the entrances.

It took approximately 30 minutes to clear the parking lots.

The Mishawaka Police Department is discouraging large gatherings like Friday night’s which they say violate the social distancing and stay at home orders in place by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb.


  1. Can’t regulate stupidity .
    In the few times we have went out
    I don’t think half the people had mask on
    Now this parking lot shows our youth think it can’t happen to them .
    Having lived through the Hone Kong flu in 68 and this spring this virus . Trust me you don’t want it . This February I had a headache for 3 days ( not my norm)
    Coughing hacking and then I laid of floor to watch television and couldn’t even roll over
    Or pull my self up . I felt like I had been boot kicked by several people . Lots of pain everywhere. I’m still alive by the grace of God and the supplements I take I believe .
    Get a mask if not for your self do it for those you love.

  2. larry, stay home if you want too. But STOP TRYING TO STEAL the freedoms of others. You apparently don’t know that this country was founded because people WANTED FREEDOM and one of our founders said “GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH!!” another said “those who will give up freedom for security will lose both”. Stay home if you wish but, NEVER SEED YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO SOME ELECTED OR NON ELECTED OFFICIAL!! Wake up and smell what they are selling to you and stealing from you!!

  3. Unless you’ve rented the space to park in or are doing business with an open establishment (who paid to build and maintain that parking space) you have no ‘right’ to be there. If it’s a public space you’d still need a permit for a mass gathering and at this time it would not be approved for more than a few.

    There’s a reason the Declaration and Constitution talk about Liberty…not Freedom; just like they talked about a Constitutional Republic not a democracy. True freedom and democracy are anarchy and mob rule. You have the liberty to act on your freedoms within the limits society has set so that you don’t destroy the life, liberty and property of others.

    If you’re trespassing in a parking lot and spreading contagion you’re doing it wrong.


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