37 year prison sentence overturned due to issue with defendant’s mother

("My Trusty Gavel" by Brian Turner, CC BY 2.0)

When the trial for then 15 year old Byron Harris happened in June of 2019, the state requested that his mother not be present during the proceedings. The only time the teen’s mom was in the courtroom was to give her testimony. Harris was accused of shooting someone at an apartment complex playground in 2018.

His sentence was 37 years. At issue for the appeals court was, how much of an effect did his mothers non-appearance effect the proceedings? He was tried in adult court, but even so the appeals court says he should have been allowed to be there.

The case has now been remanded for further proceedings.

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  1. Should his mommy get to go to prison with him too? He was tried as an adult but it was unfair because his mommy wasn’t present? What a joke. I guess when he was shooting he identified as an adult thug. At trial he wanted to identify as a little boy.


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