Police warn of phone scam involving Elkhart Police Department

(Photo Supplied/State of Massachusetts Government)

The Elkhart Police Department is warning the public of a scam involving their name.

The department has received two reports of citizens being contacted by telephone by someone claiming to be from the Elkhart Police Department. The caller tells the person that there is a warrant or bond issued in their name, and instructs them to purchase a prepaid debit card and bring it to the police station.

The Elkhart Police Department wants to remind residents that they will never contact you and instruct you to bring a prepaid card or money order to the department, and would never ask for any kind of banking information or personal information without first being contacted to a report of that nature.

If you are unsure if you’re being scammed, contact the Elkhart Police Department’s non-emergency line at (574) 295-7070 or visit the Police Department.


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