Portage woman charged with animal cruelty after DIY dog neutering


PORTAGE, Ind. — A Portage woman faces a felony count of animal cruelty after trying to neuter her dog by herself.

Kimberly Oldham, 62, frequently got complaints that her dog was not neutered, but she could not afford to get the procedure done. Oldham turned to her neighbors for cheap neutering advice, and one of them told her an elastic band would make the dog’s testicles fall off painlessly.

One night, Oldham took this advice, but when she woke up, she found that her dog was chewing the area, causing it to bleed. Oldham took her dog to the Hobart Animal Clinic, where the found the dog suffered severe trauma, and needed proper neutering to stay alive.

Oldham was arrested Sunday evening. The dog remains at the Hobart Animal Clinic, and will be put up for adoption soon.


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