Holcomb signs the face mask order for Indiana; does not include criminal penalties

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

Governor Holcomb officially issued the face-covering executive order Friday afternoon, and contradicted his original announcement in one important area.

The order, which you can read here, did NOT include criminal penalties for failing to wear a mask.

In the order Holcomb said state and local health departments will be responsible for enforcing compliance, and will provide education about the importance of wearing face coverings to hep stop the spread of COVID-19.

The order is in effect through at least August 26th, and lists several exemptions


  1. Governor Clueless can kiss my tuchus. Did our Lord in Heaven die and make dimwit God? Enough of this horse puckey. I wear my mask on my buttocks so the mask wearing sheep know where to put their faces. RIP Common Sense. Flame away you fearful forty!

  2. Says the person with a picture of Obummer next to his name. Im no sheep. Its easy to be a keyboard tough guy. Face to face is different though. There is absolutely no reason not too wear one maybe your just not secure enough in your man hood. Maybe that’s why you want men to kiss your tuchus 😙🍆 p.s. common sense would be wearing one just in case it does work

  3. I’m not wearing one politics have taken enough freedom away from the people..I dont believe 99 percent of the bs anyway..there is more hoax than truth..media enforces lies and that’s all they do..we have lived thousands of years amongst many sickness and diseases ..this is one more..who really cares..hell honestly every symptom to every sickness they now say is covid.its all hoax where’s the death certificate of all these deths..where are all the funeral..the united states politics are all liars..I’ve been working almost the entire time along with all my co workers and nothing..and all the people who say they trsted positive says it’s nothing any way flu kills more americans..that them masks and shove them where the sun dont shine..or maybe you as a governor should start buying the over priced things and supply this wanna be state


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