Indiana high school sports are on as planned for fall


High school sports are on as planned for the fall season.

The administrators with the IHSAA met Wednesday morning to discuss it and have decided all fall sports at Indiana’s high schools are on track to start as scheduled, with no delays and no cancellations. Girls’ golf practice starts this Friday as planned. All other sports, including contact sports, can start practicing Monday, August 3rd.

Volleyball matches will start on August 15th. Football on the 21st. The association has not said anything as to what the rules will be regarding fans attending high school sporting events.

Though the IHSAA has said that fall sports are still on track to start, it will still be up to individual schools on whether or not they choose to have an athletic season. North Central High School in Indianapolis, for example, has already decided to suspend sports and extracurricular activities for the fall semester.

The IHSAA suspended all winter sports back in early March and canceled the spring sports season soon after when the coronavirus pandemic first hit the state.


  1. If a single game is played and all students are not back to school what is the message? Obviously the message is stay at home and don’t die…unless you play sports. Then its OK to die. After all, we are all going to die if we go to school right? These people are complete morons and they are in charge. WTF!

  2. I’m wondering why sports should once again take priority over scholastics? Once again, our values seem to be exactly backwards.


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