Faster internet coming soon to rural parts of Indiana


Better, faster internet will soon be coming to rural parts of Indiana.

Governor Eric Holcomb has announced $51 million for Round Two of the state’s broadband program, that will provide better technology for faster internet in 32 different counties, with the bulk of it going to Fountain, Ripley and Posey counties.

The majority of the first round focused on areas in Benton, Floyd and Spencer counties.

Holcomb says it’s more important than ever for Hoosiers as they spend more time at home during the pandemic.


  1. What do u consider rural? We live a mile from Peru and still have no internet. A lot of time no phone service so I hope they do a better job of getting it out to ‘rural’ places than they have this close to a town and less than 3 miles from a tower.

  2. The population of those 3 counties are about 70,000 people (, so we are spending about $728 PER PERSON to get them connected. It’s a ridiculous amount of money for the limited results.

    Every time I see people praising government grants or infrastructure programs like this, I get the feeling that people can’t do math. Honestly, the journalist reporting on this should have provided these numbers as part of the article, since part of journalism is making the news understandable to your audience.

    The proper way to get more rural service? Get the government out of the way, and let private investment build out the infrastructure. Of course, that means abolishing “natural” monopolies and losing the rate hike political kickbacks, so it will never happen…


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