President Trump to award former Notre Dame Football Coach Lou Holtz with the Medal of Freedom


President Donald Trump on Friday announced he will award the Medal of Freedom to legendary college football coach and supporter Lou Holtz.

“There’s a man that’s an incredible leader, Lou Holtz. I’ve known him for a long time. He’s been a friend of mine,” Trump said Friday.

Holtz, the former head coach of Notre Dame and South Carolina, was in the briefing room as Trump made the announcement. He endorsed Trump for President in 2016.

Trump told reporters that he received “letters from every football coach almost in the nation” recommending Holtz for the honor.

“We’ve analyzed it very closely. We’ve looked at all of those recommendations. We’ve looked at Lou’s life and his career and what he’s done for charity — the football was obvious. He was a great coach but what he’s done is even beyond coaching,” Trump said of the honor.

A date for the ceremony has not yet been decided but Trump added it “won’t be in the too distant future.”

Holtz, a Hall of fame coach, guided Notre Dame to a 100-30-2 record in 11 seasons. He has also founded Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, which provides a platform to help underprivileged students at Notre Dame.

The President has honored several pro athletes — many of whom are supporters — with the medal since taking office, including former NFL star and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page, former Boston Celtics point guard Bob Cousy, former Lakers player Jerry West, Woods, former Yankee Mariano Rivera and former NFL quarterback Roger Staubach.



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