Rep. Banks not surprised about violence toward police


A crowd of protesters blocked the entrance to a hospital, saying two L.A. deputies who were ambushed and shot in their car should be allowed to die. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), said he believed that action was not unexpected.

“From Indiana, our thoughts and prayers go out to these police officers. But, we’ve seen this coming,” said Banks on Fox News. “We’ve seen the radical left move from chanting defund the police, to chanting death to police.”

The two deputies, a 31-year-old mom and a 24-year-old man, are expected to live. Police are looking for the shooter.

Pres. Trump said at a rally in Nevada, people who kill police officers should get the death penalty. His opponent Joe Biden, also condemned the ambush, saying violence of any kind is wrong.

“What every Democrat should answer on every Sunday morning show they appear on is whether or not they will support the police and call on this left-wing mob around the country to support the police instead,” said Banks.

He said the American people are demanding that Democrats like Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, call on their supporters to support the police and stand up against violence toward police officers.


  1. No go, Joe! You don’t get to wind up Frankenstein’s monster and then distance yourself from its rampage. Your party built this in the blue craphole cities, and your party owns every burning ember and drop of spilt blood as a result of it.


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