Illinois man jailed in Lake County after high speed chase


A man from Illinois is behind bars in Lake County following a police chase.

David Latimer, 28, from Markham, Ill., was arrested Tuesday evening after trying to outrun police in a car and on foot.

An Indiana State Trooper clocked Latimer driving more than 100 mph on I-80. When the trooper tried to pull Latimer over, he refused to stop.

Latimer abandoned his car at an intersection and tried to run away from the trooper. ISP says Latimer threw a large bag of marijuana as he ran.

The trooper eventually caught up with Latimer and arrested him. In addition to the bag of marijuana, Latimer also had a small bag of cocaine and cash, according to ISP.

Latimer was taken to the Lake County Jail and faces multiple charges, including dealing cocaine, dealing marijuana, and resisting arrest.


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