Myers says, if elected, cigarette taxes will increase

Woody Myers (Photo supplied)

If elected governor, Democratic candidate Dr. Woody Myers, the former state health commissioner of Indiana, says he would push to raise the cigarette tax in Indiana in an effort to further discourage young people from smoking.

“I think Indiana’s cigarette tax is far lower than it should be,” Myers told All Indiana Politics on WISH-TV. “The more a pack of cigarettes costs the less likely it is for our teenagers to smoke them.”

Right now, Indiana’s cigarette tax tacks on an extra dollar to the cost of a pack of cigarettes. Myers said raising that tax would be a “last resort” they would look at as far as any tax increases are concerned.

The last time a cigarette tax hike was considered was in the 2019 legislative session when a bill that would have increased the cigarette tax to nearly $3.00 a pack lacked enough support to pass.

Myers’ opponent, incumbent Gov. Eric Holcomb, had said then that he would not oppose a cigarette tax hike but did not ardently pursue due to a lack of support for it among the rank-and-file lawmakers in the statehouse

Myers has also been endorsed by Republican State Superindent Jennifer McCormick and it’s likely they’ll be campaigning together soon.

“I’m very pleased that she endorsed us,” Myers said. “We do see ourselves working together in the last 40 days or so. We’ve got some plans underway right now. We’re not ready to announce them at this moment.”

Myers said he would also be open to keeping McCormick on as state superintendent if elected. McCormick said as early as 2018 that she would not seek another term once her current term in that position expires.

Another thing he says he would consider if elected is another statewide shutdown if the coronavirus pandemic sees another resurgence.

“I know we could have done a much better job, we should have done a much better job,” Myers said of the initial response to the pandemic in Indiana. “We’re too lax with respect to masks in Indiana. We truly need a mask mandate. We need to make sure Hoosiers understand the importance of wearing it.”

Election Day is just over five weeks away. Myers is hopeful that the state’s election will be a safe one as far as the pandemic is concerned and with regard to the worry of voter fraud.

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Charles U Farley September 29, 2020 at 4:44 pm

Sin taxes are an abhorrent idea. Taxes should be used to raise revenue, NOT to control behavior. Whether it is smoking, alcohol, soft drinks, vaping, junk food, or even motorcycling or rock climbing, there will always be people who aren’t interested in it and don’t mind seeing people taxed on the item or activity. It is quite literally “divide and conquer” taxation.

I’m especially amused by the people using “it’s for the children” as an excuse to raise tobacco taxes, even as they move to ban vaping products. It’s a brilliant double standard that only highlights their hypocrisy, and shows their actions as nothing more than a money grab.

EvelynMogal September 29, 2020 at 9:24 pm

Highest Win Rate Deck to Win Beatdown ChallengeрџЌЉ

John G September 30, 2020 at 12:15 am

Yeah sure vote for a liberal and watch everything go up. Cigarettes are high enough, some would say too high, I’m sure you’ll lose a lot of votes on this idea.

Rick September 30, 2020 at 9:46 am

Let’s just say it this way, vote for me and give me all your money because I know what’s best.
They just don’t get it!

Slacker06 September 30, 2020 at 12:04 pm

I don’t smoke so I will never pay the tax whatever level it is. But anyone willing to run on raising taxes will never have their taste for higher taxes slaked. Dopey Joe promised to raise taxes last night during the debate. What make Woody or Joe think they know better what’s best for The People or how best to spend the money we make? Woody and Joe also promise more shutdowns and restrictions over the cornyvirus. Yet 99.5+% recover. The cases are much milder that 6-months ago. We are still a long way from the death total for the Spanish flu of 100 years ago. The other side of the coin is unemployment, suicides, depression, more divorce, more crime, riots in the streets, and lack of education in our schools. They ignore the well known and proven method of fighting an epidemic by isolating the sick and leaving the non-infected alone to enjoy their God given liberty. Democrats are control freaks. There is no other explanation for them. They are also experts in psychological projection. When they accuse others you can bet the farm they are doing the exact thing they accuse others of doing. Look at Woodrow’s work record. He has bounced around a lot in his career. Is that what you want for a governor? When thing got tough he bailed to another job. When his decision were questioned he resigned. If elected he will get a lot more questions that previously over his decisions. It is a very sad day in America when we vote in would be tyrants to elective office to make decisions over us.

Carman Greenlee October 5, 2020 at 3:42 pm

No no no DEMONCRAT for Indiana. Holcomb has proved himself to have rino traits and he needs to go but he is a better choice although not by much. Michigan’s super court found the witch Whitmer way over stepped her bounds, dud like we didnt already know this. Someone should take our rino to the indiana super court for the same things. Cant wait til the election is over and Trumps trumps! Hopefully then people will stop being cowards and get back to normal lives. NO MASKS!! Never wore one and never will.


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