Governor Eric Holcomb tests negative for COVID-19

(Photo supplied)

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has tested negative for COVID-19.

The Governor was tested out of an abundance of caution after State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box reported Tuesday that she tested positive for the virus, along with her daughter and grandson. Dr. Box will quarantine for 14 days.

Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Chief Medical Officer for the Indiana State Department of Health, and several members of the Governor’s Office also tested negative.

Dr. Box and Dr. Weaver have both advised Governor Holcomb that he can resume his normal schedule.


  1. He also tests negative for leadership qualities and principles and positive for tyrannical tendencies and lack of comportment with guaranteed civil rights. Enough is enough.

    • Sadly you are right. Funny he is wearing a mask now…… come on people….how many times do you have to be told that the truth is MASKS ARE NOT WORKING!!!!! DUH!!!!! countless studies have been done proving this fact. just this week a new study came out comparing the infection rate in groups of people who wore the masks vs people who will not wear the masks and guess what….. the rate was the same!!!!! chew on that! in other words you idiots the masks didn’t stop the virus AT ALL. Granted this virus is real but knock off the bullshit controls…. they have been proven NOT TO WORK . Please stop living your life in fear. This is not any different then the flu. Actually the flu is worse and has killed a hell of alot more peeps. you are correct in saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


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