Trump not likely worried about winning Indiana

("Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9/11 victims" by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CC BY 2.0)

You haven’t seen much of President Donald Trump in Indiana in the past few months, and probably won’t see him make a stop in the Hoosier State before the election. That’s got less to do with coronavirus and more to do with the likelihood that he’ll win big again in Indiana.

“I wouldn’t say that they’re taking Indiana for granted,” said Tony Samuel, a surrogate for the Trump campaign in Indiana. “Indiana means a lot to Pres. Trump. We were kind of the center of the political universe four years ago. But, it’s not a battleground state.”

You may remember Trump’s frequent visits to Indiana when he was running for his first term, including his showdown with fellow Republican Ted Cruz, and his stay at the Conrad Hotel in Indianapolis, where he interviewed candidates for vice president and ultimately chose then-governor Mike Pence.

“I think we’re gonna win Indiana big,” said Samuel. “I predict more than 20. I’m gonna say a 22 point win.”

That means the campaign can afford to focus its efforts on states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida, states the president needs to win for a victory.

Samuel is filling that role, with a weekly spot on a political program on Fox59/CBS4, in Indy (which he’s had since 2017), and interview across the state to preach Trump’s message of lower taxes, rebuilding the military and fewer regulations.

Samuel said he’s not bothered by early or absentee voting, and doesn’t believe that necessarily means all good things for former vice pres. Joe Biden or all bad things for Trump.

“There’s I think, even a stronger hidden Trump vote this time around because a lot of people are intimidated. You see the stories and you hear the stories of folks stealing Trump signs, burning Trump signs, even in peoples’ driveways,” he said.

Samuel said despite chaos surrounding the Trump campaign, which he blames on Antifa and other groups he said have been condoned by “the left”, that the president will win big in Indiana, as he did in 2016.


  1. Anyone who votes for that senile socialist sock puppet is wholly bought into the party of death and taxes.

    Kill all the babies, take all the money. Then they will take all the guns and open the gulags to make sure you have your mind right.

    If corrupt Chi-Com loving Biden were to win (and America allowed itself to be disarmed) then we can welcome the only future that socialism brings; starvation and genocide.


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