Whitmer warns the worst of the pandemic is hitting now


During a news conference on Thursday, Nov. 12, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said the second coronavirus wave is hitting the state hard right now.

Whitmer said Michigan is in the worst part of the pandemic to date. Case numbers are skyrocketing. The curve that had flattened is now a straight line heading up. Hospitals are nearing capacity, and burning through the stockpile of PPE.

Without action, Whitmer said the state will hit its daily peak of cases by Christmas. She likened to scope of the numbers to ten 737s crashing every day.

She implored residents to follow emergency rules from the health department, wear face masks, practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, get a flu shot.

As far as hospitalizations go, she said its increased five fold in the past five weeks and the patient count is expected to double in the next two weeks.

She said Thanksgiving has to be different this year. Medical experts strongly recommend that not to host people from outside of our own households this year and, instead, arrange Zoom meetings with our loved ones where no one is put at risk.


  1. Gretchen needs recalled as I’ve heard there is something like that in progress, like a petition or something, can’t remember now, she doesn’t know her *** from a hole in the ground.


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