Mishawaka City Council postpones vote on water, electric rate increases

("Faucet" by Peter Dutton, CC BY 2.0)

The vote on new water and electricity rates in Mishawaka has been postponed.

Mishawaka’s water and sewage contract ends in 2021, and the new contract that is up for a vote would increase water prices by 30% over the next two years.

WSBT reports the increase in funds would be used to move city hall to the Liberty Mutual building, and help build a new water treatment plant and new transformers.

The contract also includes a resolution to increase trash removal rates by between 70 and 90 cents each year until 2024.

The Mishawaka City Council will vote on the contract on December 21.


  1. I don’t understand, if they are proposing for a federal grant of 50 million does the tax increase go in their pockets? Maybe I’m missing something but it seems like everytime a new infrastructure project occurs they are receiving two sources of federal and state taxpayer’s budgets to manipulate. You can’t consistently raise all taxes without raising wage, that’s how civil wars occur.

  2. They have increased it over and over it used to be $90 for both. Now it’s $250?? Like a used car payment that you never pay off?? Robbery they have enough money the have build buildings all over he place without their own funds.


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