Gun violence a growing problem in St. Joseph County as 2020 comes to a close


Gun violence has been a growing problem in St. Joseph County for the last few years.

WSBT reports St. Joseph County has seen anywhere from 18 to 22 homicides each year, but there were more this year.

There were 37 homicides in 2020.

Pastor Canneth Lee tells WSBT that getting the message across to kids when they are young that violence is not okay is the best way to prevent violence from happening.


  1. Violence in general is a problem, it’s not specific to guns. Anyone who is only concerned about “gun violence” is a fool with an ulterior motive.

    The reason for this spike in violence is that only 25% of black kids come from two parent households. Uncle Sam took over as breadwinner and father, but moms alone don’t usually instill the respect and discipline teenagers need. Then we end up here…

  2. Yes Jim, you are correct. This article is an intentional obfuscation. Why would someone write the article this way unless they have an agenda? Gun control at the county level perhaps? It is a rhetorical question. I’m not saying there is no violence outside of the city limits but it is minuscule. Perhaps Network Indiana has an axe to grind, the writer of the article hides behind his/her network. All media have very little credibility left, before long they will lose their First Amendment protections for continually lying to us. When that time comes they won’t have anyone willing to listen to their whining.


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