Rep. Upton comments on the D.C. riot and attack on Congress

(Public domain photo)

Congressman Fred Upton has spoken about the chaos at the Capitol.

The 6th District Representative from Michigan said both houses were in session to count the Electoral College votes a few minutes before the Capitol was breached.

Upton described himself Wednesday evening as “shell-shocked” by the events, and shortly after 3:30 he tweeted to his followers that he was safe and sheltered in place.

On Monday, Upton was one of the GOP voices in Washington who said there have been no cases of election fraud found during the process.


  1. So walking around inside a public building after police removed the barricades is a “riot”, but burning buildings, looting stores, and murdering people in the street is a “peaceful protest”. Got it.

    The double standard is staggering.

  2. The ONLY assault on our democracy is the election that was STOLEN. And YOU, mr. upton, did NOTHING to stop it!! You haven’t been a conservative for DECADES, and you ARE a TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ditto A bunch of Pansies. And if it happing to them they cry but if it happens someplace outside of DC that’s ok.
    They should all be ashamed but then that would mean they had a conscience


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