Sen. Mike Braun changes his mind about protesting the Electoral College result

(Photo supplied/Indiana Senate Republcians)

Senator Mike Braun announced Wednesday evening, after the rioting in Washington D.C., that he was flip-flopping his position regarding a protest of the Electoral College results.

Braun said he was no longer interesting in dragging out the counting of the Electoral College votes shortly before the Senate returned to work Wednesday night.

The Senator from Indiana told reporters “I think today changed things drastically. Whatever point you made before, that should suffice. And we can get this ugly day behind us.”

A number of other GOP lawmakers made similar statements before the confirmation process resumed, once the chamber was deemed safe and secure, and Vice President Pence opened the proceedings with a speech about democracy, defying the rioters, and “getting back to the people’s business.”


  1. Sad day for America. When you believe that those that caused chaos were truly trump supporters and that influences your decision to do the right thing it makes you another lying dishonest politician. Sad sad day…

  2. We won’t forget. I hope he enjoys his one term.

    I know our votes don’t count AT ALL in elections from this point forward, but I will vote against this guy in the primaries and the general too if that’s what it takes. The Second Amendment will be history by 2022, and with it the foundation of freedom in this country, so we might as well vote the traitors out.

    With my dying breath, I spit at thee…

  3. I don’t believe it another flip-flopping hack !!!!
    Sad part is we never learn and keep voting for these fools.
    We only have ourselves to blame for allowing this to keep happening.
    Elections have consequences and matter people better wake up.

  4. He’s has been a swamp guy from the start. This comes as no surprise. The sad part is what are we going to do with him now? Vote him out? It’s all a ruse and all future voting will be suspect. PS MNC should also consider getting rid of Brian Kilmeade’s show in the morning. His true colors are out on full display for everyone to see and he is no friend of your audience.

    • Agreed about Kilmeade. He’s just as bad as Beck was. Can’t MNC get someone who is not milquetoast for that spot?

  5. What we saw was mobocracy in action. Read what the founders thought of democracy as a form of government. They rejected it out of hand because of what we saw this week in DC. In a mobocracy or a democracy the rights of the 49% are not protected. the genius of our republic is that all rights are protected despite the raving of the lunatic fringe in BLM and ANTIFA. Those people in the capital were not trump supporters. they were infiltrators. As they are ID’d it becomes clear the who thing was a set up to bash trump again just days before he leaves office. Really? Impeachment on the7th of January. twenty-fifth Amendment 13 days before he leaves office by the usual manner? I wonder, just who are the real traitors in this situation. It isn’t trump.


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