House of Representatives impeaches Trump on an article of Incitement of Insurrection


Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. House voted to impeach President Trump, making him the first president to be impeached twice. The vote was 232-197 with 5 not voting.

It was also the most bipartisan such rebuke in history, with 10 Republicans crossing party lines to vote with the Democrats. The previous record had been five Democrats agreeing to impeach Pres. Clinton in 1998.

No Republicans voted to impeach during the first impeachment.

GOP Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan announced Tuesday that he would be voting in favor of impeachment.


  1. So a fake impeachment over a fake allegation makes news, but real concerns over real election fraud is dismissed as lies? The Democrats are the party of falsehoods.

    • you drank too much of that Rudy kool aid. If you re watch those “senate hearings” you’d see there was absolutely ZERO EVIDENCE presented-nothing but speculations (and the drunk lady didn’t help AT ALL.) The subcontracted mail driver had ZERO EVIDENCE either-all emotions. No one or NOT MANY knew that wrong zip codes were on some of those ballots and they ended up somewhere else and needed delivered and the ONLY “evidence” he had, was “something felt off” and he was upset he lost his favorite hauling trailer. The rest was hearsay, “this person told me….” The 62 court cases saw ZERO evidence. I find it hard to believe that a whole nation was involved in this giant conspiracy and the ONLY person “telling the truth” is Donald J. Trump-he fed you fear with his campaigns ads, he brainwashed you last year or sooner that if he lost the election, it was rigged. He also stated at one point that if he lost an election, there would be a civil war. He fed it to you all with a giant spoon and you swallowed it down like good little sheep. He led them to slaughter with his words, with his fear and with his rhetoric! You should seek help for your TDS! Because NO ONE has it more than trump supporters!

      • Yeah, those court cases were all dismissed on technicalities. You’re correct that no court saw any evidence, but it’s not due to lack of evidence.

        You’re also projecting. You lefties might believe every thing your “leaders” tell you, but I certainly don’t. I knew something was wrong after the ballot dumps, then seeing the windows being covered reinforced it. The attitude and coverup after the fact just cemented it. You know what I didn’t consider in forming my opinion? What Trump was saying about it.

        Wait until you figure out that YOU just became disenfranchised along with the rest of us. Congratulations! YOUR vote no longer matters either!


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