Stock + Field stores to close


It is official, Stock and Field will be closing their doors.

An announcement was posted by the store’s chairman and CEO Matthew Whebbe to the Stock and Field website late on Sunday, Jan. 10, stating that the small farm store chain will be closing all 25 locations, including the store in Elkhart.

The store also operates locations in Warsaw, Rochester, and Wabash.

Whebbe said in the announcement that the store was not immune to the challenges of 2020, but believes the customer should still be able to get some wins out of it.

The store will be selling all of its merchandise at “massive discounts” until its closure.

An official date for closing was not mentioned on the website.


  1. Starting in 7 days, there will be a LOT more small business closures as idiots take control of the national economic policies. Stock + Field was just ahead of the curve.

  2. They aren’t shutting down because of Covid. They are a poorly run company since the new owners bought out Big R. The CEO goes by 3 different names so it’s a coin toss if that’s his real one. It’s pretty much a conglomerate that buys out businesses and runs them into the ground.


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