U.S. Postal Service sealing off some mail boxes out of precaution

(Photo supplied/United States Postal Service)

The Postal Service is sealing off a few collection boxes in Indianapolis from now through Inauguration Day.

The Postal Service said this could cause service delays. They cited possible civil unrest as the reason for sealing off the boxes.

Hoosiers like Eric Hoogland are surprised to hear about the possibility of more USPS service delays. Although he hasn’t had any major issues with his mail yet, he is considering mailing his son’s birthday gift earlier now that he knows public unrest could delay it making it in time for his big day.

“Sad that it’s come to this. I hope things calm down soon so I’m not having to deal with the issue,” said Hoogland.

“If unrests happen we may not get mail for weeks,” said Michael Herrick.

Indianapolis is not the only city sealing off collection boxes. It’s happening in major cities across the country.

That’s a real concern for some people like Michael Herrick who rely on the Postal Service. Herrick is from Chicago but travels to Indianapolis frequently. He was in town for a cheer competition. He believes delivery delays have become an issues in many communities because of the pandemic.

“Our cheer uniforms, usually we will get them a month turnaround. Now there’s girls who don’t have uniforms yet because of the mail delivery system,” said Herrick.

The post office has even sealed off a few collection boxes around the city like the one across the street from the Indiana Statehouse.

“It’s going to slow everything down. Not everyone can run to the Post Office. It’s not fair. It’s not right,” said Herrick.

Now that potential civil unrest could lead to even more delays Herrick said he feels for the postal employees who are trying to work during these chaotic times.

“They said they’re going to be very careful with how and when they deliver their packages. I can’t blame them. You can’t blame them at all. You got to take care of yourself before anything else,” said Herrick.

Representatives from the Indianapolis Post Office said the collection boxes at the following locations will be sealed off:

150 W. Market Street — inside box at the Indiana State Teachers Association — and blue collection box located directly outside the building. The Postal Service is also sealing two collection boxes located inside the State Capitol Building at 200 W. Washington Street, as well as a collection box that sits inside the building adjacent to the State Capitol at 100 N. Senate Avenue.

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