Nationwide public transportation mask mandate going into effect


You’ll need to mask up when a nationwide public transportation mask mandate goes into effect tonight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday issued an order requiring travelers in the United States to wear face masks at transportation hubs, on airplanes, and while using public transportation.

Travelers must wear a mask that completely covers the nose and mouth while “awaiting, boarding, disembarking, or traveling on airplanes, ships, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-shares as they are traveling into, within, or out of the United States and U.S. territories,” the CDC says.

Masks do not need to be worn when eating, drinking, or taking medication. Children under the age of two are not required to wear a mask, nor are people who cannot wear a mask due to disability.

The mandate takes effect Monday at 11:59 p.m.


  1. So they lied about HQC being effective. They knowingly used fraudulent testing methodology until Sniffy was installed in the office. Sniffy lied about having a plan to combat COVID, and now admits that he doesn’t.

    All false, all to drive a political narrative.

    And now more theater, a completely ineffective mask mandate whose only purpose is to appease the illiterates who voted for him.

    It’s the feel-good story of the year! Who cares if it actually works or not…

  2. Lets keep doing something that has not worked for a year! Because I am Biden now it will work. All we have in Government is morons.
    As the mask I have when I have to wear it says

  3. it’s the people who THINK their “freedoms” are being encroached upon and the science deniers, who WON’T wear a mask, while in public, who are spreading this crap!
    Back in the day, it was easier to get over a pandemic because traveling wasn’t as easy as it is now. Airplanes, cars, shopping malls, etc. weren’t available and most people actually listened to the “experts” of the day.
    This is only going to continue until the ignorants get it through their heads to follow the science, only go out when necessary, WEAR A MASK and pull your big boy/girl panties up and deal with it! Quit the friggen crying-if you’d stop throwing your damn temper tantrums, we could actually hurry up and get our lives back already!

    • Other than the fact that masks may not actually do anything. You can tell it is true because the MSM squashes any professional who deviates from the narrative. To the left, science is built on consensus and not the scientific theory and competing ideas.

      But hey, by all means, blindly follow what they tell you without entertaining any opposing viewpoints. I honestly can’t blame you for thinking like that though, it’s not your fault that your overlords won’t let you be exposed to unsanctioned ideas. Especially when those ideas might disrupt their political theater…


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